Bharat Shrestha, PhD

Bharat Shrestha, PhD

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   Why Development Studies Emerged and Relevant to National Context

Development Studies are about understanding the world of development and changes that intend to study the improvement in people's lives from multi-disciplinary approaches to multi-dimensiional developents. It is relatively a youg field of academic study within social sciences born as a result of decolonization process of 1950s and 1960s where newly independant nations tried to 'catch up' with industrialized ones. Being a liberal education it supoorts in changes of economic, technological and socio-cultural issues and their speed and impact on human civilization emanating from diverse contexts of global warming, economic global orders, emerging forms of transnational corporations, mulplex information sharing systems, globally connected civil society and new global economic order. In recent decades, it has also been increasingly recognized that the quality of policy and institutional design to development needs have to be closely studied.  

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Published Date: 2020-02-08

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