About Us


College of Development Studies (CDS) in affiliation with Purbanchal University has been running Masters in Development Studies (MDevS) since January of 2006. MDevS is a multidisciplinary course that blends theory with practice and helps in recognizing gaps both at policy level and at academic level. Following the participatory learning approach, CDS imparts knowledge to students in a most convincing way that is easy to understand and effortlessly comprehendible.

Students in Nepal often face difficulty in adapting to real world situations even after they have obtained the postgraduate degree. This has been mainly due to the fact that there has been a huge flaw in our education system that has been unable to fill the gap between theory and practice. The CDS, with its intensive participatory methods accompanied by frequent fields visits, discussions, seminars and workshops, tries to narrow this gap and helps students understand the scenario with its core problems and issues and provides guidance in analyzing the situation case by case. The CDS aims to produce change agents for the society that are capable of comprehending development problems and contribute to social as well as economic development.

Why CDS?


CDS pioneers at launching the course of development studies for postgraduate level. Even during the short period of its establishment, CDS has been able to demonstrate success through its students’ achievements in the field of development. CDS does not boast about its quality of education by itself but the experiences and achievements of the students speaks for itself the success of the course. CDS provides theoretical base in concordance with practical knowledge and existing situation at grassroots level through field exposures. Studying at CDS makes you capable of understanding development and analyze issues and policies pertaining to development. Not only this, the CDS also equips the students with knowledge of project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. MDevS being a research-based course makes the students capable of conducting individual research and helps in contributing to the stock of knowledge in the field of development.

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