Faculty Members Education Area of Expertise Brief Resume
Bharat Shrestha PhD Poverty & Livelihoods Bharat Shrestha (PhD) is a development researcher and, has over 25 years of experience in research and development actions including higher education.  He is the founder of MODE Nepal and College of Development Studies (CDS) and played the pioneering role in establishing the graduate courses on development studies in Nepal (the first of its kind in Nepal) and, continues to be its advisor. He has worked as the researcher/specialist/independent consultant for several Nepal-based and international agencies. His major contributions are in the fields of natural resources and land tenure in Nepal. He specializes in socio-economic and institutional aspects of common property resources, has led various professional teams for formulating national policies and plans. He is the chair of MODE Nepal and CDS. He was associated with the Kathmandu and Pokhara University as an Adjunct Professor and, currently, he is with College of Development Studies, Purbanchal University for research and teaching courses on Poverty and Livelihood, Agrarian Structures, Community Actions and Governance, Research Methods etc. He has several research reports, manuals, papers and books to his credit.


Prof. Pitamber Chhetri PhD Economic Policy Analysis  
Prof. Ganga Thapa PhD Regional Development  
Keshav Kandel PhD Environment and Climate Change  
Narahari Dhakal MS Project Management  
Gopal Shrestha PhD Development Management  
Krishna Pant PhD Agrarian Structures and Development Krishna Prasad Pant (PhD) is an Agricultural Economist specializing in environmental economics. He is honoured with gold medals, Vidhya Bhusan medals and several merits and distinctions during his study. He has long experiences in agricultural policy analysis, programme planning, managing competitive grants and research in agricultural and environmental economics. He has several publications and presentations nationally and internationally. He is a peer reviewer of African Journal of Business Management and the Journal of Agriculture and Environment, Nepal. He is a member of International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE), Nepal Agriculture Economics Society, Kathmandu, European Association of Environment and Resource Economists (EAERE), Poverty and Economic Policy (PEP), Canada, and International Economic Society of Nepal (IESON).


Dilli Bahadur KC PhD Project Analysis/Evaluation  
Ramji Neupane PhD Resource Conflict and Analysis  
Prabha Thacker MS Gender Analysis  
Hemant Ojha PhD Governance/Development Perspectives Hemant R Ojha. Dr Ojha has over 15 years of experience in research studies and development actions. He is the founder of ForestAction Nepal and continues to be its advisor. He has worked as researcher/specialist/consultant for several Nepal-based and international agencies. He did doctoral research in Development Studies (with a focus on Natural Resource Governance) from School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. His current research works include natural resource governance and social justice, deliberative processes in the context of environmental policy-making, community based forest governance, adaptive co-management of ecosystems, protected area and local people, participatory action research methodologies, and local and meso level forest governance. His research works span a wide range of geographic regions – Nepal, South Asia, Himalayas, South-East Asia, and West Africa. He has written and edited over a dozen scientific papers, as well as several practitioner-oriented products such as manuals, guidebooks and policy briefs. He has published peer-reviewed papers and articles in various international journals such as Policy and Society, International Development Planning Review, International Journal of Social Economics, International Forestry Review, Forestry Chronicle, and Policy Matters on diverse topics, encompassing policy, institutions, knowledge systems, resource management, conflict, and livelihoods. He co-edited a book “Knowledge Systems and Natural Resources: Management, Institutions and Policy in Nepal” which is published (2007) by Cambridge University Press India in collaboration with International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada. He has written a book on Reframing Governance: Understanding Deliberative Politics in Nepal’s Terai Forestry (Adroit, India).
Bishnu Sharma MS Macro Economic Policy Bishnu Sharma is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics in Tribhuvan University with specialization in environmental and health economics. The publications of his recently completed studies on leasehold forestry practice and its impact on poverty reduction is underway.
Netra Timsina PhD Public Policy  
Balaram Kandel MS Environment and Development  
Pabitra Subba MS NRS Gender  
Jaya Sharma MS Gender and Social Inclusion  
Nikila Shrestha MA Gender Studies  
Rajan Poudel PhD Management  
Rajendra Bhari MSc Project Planning  
Tirtha Ghimire MDevS Institutional Development  
Kamal Poudyal PhD    
Hari Dhungana      
Naya Sharma      
Resource Persons & Guest Lectures      
Raj Babu Shrestha ME Policy, Project Implementation  
Bishwo Tiwari PhD Poverty Dynamics  
Richard Trenchard PhD Land and Food security  
Jagannath Adhikari PhD Land & Food Security Jagannath Adhikari  (PhD)  is  a researcher and social activist. His main interests are natural resource management, particularly land management, and land reform. He is currently researching the access of marginalized people to land in Nepal. In addition, he has carried out research on agrarian change, food security,  labour migration, urban slums and environmental justice. He has published over a dozen books and several articles on these themes. Recently his book Land Reform in Nepal: Problems and Prospects has been published. The book aims to enhance understanding of land reform and to facilitated discussion on this subject in Nepal. He has several books on land and development issues.


Barbara Codipoti MS Land Issues  
Dean Current PhD Agriculture Management  
Bishnu Puri MS Development Management  
Bimal Sharma MS Community Development  
Padma Khatiwada MS Human Rights and Conflict  
Andrew Fuys MA Common Property Regimes