College of Development Studies is a new avenue to potential students who are in quest for a brighter career and secured future. Quality education offered by the College in a congenial educational milieu promotes learning to not only quench the thirst but also create the thirst in the learners, who learn, recreate, reflect, and develop their own career.


We strive to instill in students a never-ending passion to invent and to create. It is a delight to work with the faculty and students, who are seeking more knowledge—and creating new knowledge through their research—about the vastly wide-ranging and practically significant subjects that behavioral and social scientists address.


We work to enable students to have confidence in innovative and creative forms of thought, to assess evidence and probabilities and to develop informed critical judgment. The College welcomes also many mature students and life-long learners. Potential students should have a strong appetite for reading, argument, and analysis, and be eager to explore different kinds of knowledge, to consider the informed published views of others, and finally to articulate and defend their own opinions and judgment.


I look forward to communicating with you about the constant new developments occurring to improve College, all in the effort to make advancements in student learning, faculty research, training and reaching out to the many marginalized and poor communities interested in our vital work.