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Do you know? Wide opportunities are in development sector.

Desiring for high paid best career job? If so,Obtain challenging research based and fully professional methods and skills at  Master in Development Studies (11th batch)

“start your career from where you study at”

CDS is the first institution in Nepal offering this course pioneered by Bharat Shrestha, PhD

CDS is the first institution in Nepal offering this course.


  • Course draws world’s best experience in teaching development studies.
  • Draw on the useful elements of socio-economics, environment and management, political sciences, public policy, agrarian studies, and engage students in an interdisciplinary approach to analysis and learning.
  • Course designs itself force to craft ideas in writing as well as presentation.
  • Method emphasizes reflection, dialogue and sharing among students and faculties.
  • Faculties with academic excellence in their respective fields of expertise.
  • Faculty research with over a dozen universities worldwide that provides exceptional exposures, learning and networking.