Dinesh Khanal


Currently working at: I am currently working at Forum-Asia in Bangkok, a regional human rights organization and consultative status with ECOSOC. My primary responsibility here is to establish good Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation system. Knowledge gained from Masters in Dev

I have never been so confident in my life before. Even though my previous degree is Bachelor in Development Studies which oriented me about working in the field of development, I still had lots of shortcomings to work in this field. Already employed in INSEC (Informal sector Services Centre), I had always felt inadequate in terms of knowledge which resulted in limited confidence to expand my horizons at work. However, this all ended when I joined Masters in Development Studies course at College of Development Studies (CDS).
I built my confidence not just through obtaining a degree but through the process of education during the study for the degree. Masters in Development Studies has not only empowered me, but it also has provided me with sufficient knowledge about tools needed for research and project planning, analysis, implementation and management.
In addition, this course has increased my perception of viewing things differently and critically in the world of development. It has provided me with ability to speak in front of high level officials about the issues in development and discuss about it by appropriately analyzing them. It has also enhanced my level of understanding in research methodology, capacitating me in conducting research individually. Also, I have acquired ability to plan and manage projects independently. I have sufficiently increased my profile with study of this course which has put me in a position where I can compete with others more efficiently and effectively. I have recently been promoted in INSEC to a senior level Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation officer. All in all, with practical methods of teaching accompanied by theoretical and on-the-field experience during study, this course has prepared me for all the battles to fight regarding career in development whether it be through independent work or through an organization. Currently, I am in Bankok working with Forum – Asia.