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  • Lecture by Dr. Werner Doppler

    Lecture was delivered by Dr. Werner Doppler, Professor of Agriculture Economics, University of Hohenhem, Stuttgard, Germany on September 11, 2011. It was centered on ‘Agriculture System around the globe’.

  • Field Research

    Field research programme was organised in Mangsir 19, 2068 at Kavre Vanjyang of Kavrepalanchwok district for Community Analysis, Project Design and Evaluation.

  • Workshop on project design

    Workshops on project design of Livestock Development, Forest based Entrepreneurship and Secondary Education Promotion is scheduled on December 30-31, 2011. Venue:CDS Hall Time:7:00 am -9:00 am

  • Admission open for Masters in Development Studies-2016

    ADMISSION OPEN Do you know? Wide opportunities are in development sector. Desiring for high paid best career job? If so, Obtain challenging research based and fully professional methods and skills at College of Development Studies JOIN Master in Development Studies (11th batch) “start your career from where you study at” Contact Old Baneshwor, Tel: 4471130, […]