Published Date : 2021-03-30

Dhana Tharu, UN

Batch 3, 2007-08


The course provides a thorough academic grounding besides initiating debates, discussions and generates practical viewpoints.



Batch 4, 2009-2010

PhD Scholar, AIT Thailand


I can make list of the life's messages you had so generously passed onto us, but only way to respect you and those messages would be to internalize them to one’s life! Therefore, I would wish that all the graduates from CDS and prospective studentsto become more aware to theeducation. My experience is that the College is very resourceful; one just needs to be super aware of their objectives. With the exposures I received from CDS, it has profoundly guided me towards pursuing my PhD in AIT, Thailand. Without the vast support from CDS management at a personal level of Dr. Bharat Shrestha, all this wouldn’t have been possible. 


Gunjan Dallakoti

Batch 5, 2010-2-11

Enterprise Development Expert

International Labour Organization, Lusaka


I met the professor in his neat & clean and well-managed office when I approached CDS for my masters. I was expecting the professor to discuss so many things including job prospectus and career success, the profile of the professors and so on, however, to my surprise ProfessorDr. Bharat simply said, “We facilitate you to identify your true-self and become able to identify your potential as a human being”. It is the very word that inspired me to enroll in the class.


The class was another surprise to me. I learned to review journal articles in the class for the first time. All classes were equipped with the A/V system and teachers were the professionals from the diverse field. Classes were interactive. We were required to write a lot and reflect on what we learned during the lectures. My reading habit increased manifold with the passage of time and I started seeing things differently.


I believe that it is the same training, culture and motivation I got in the college that is inspiring me throughout my career path including in my job, family and social life. I am committed to becoming a good human being and dedicate myself to the benefit of wider humanity. Once again very grateful to my beloved college which people hardly think exists in Nepal. A proud Alumni of CDS


Batch 6, 2011-2012

Consultant, UNRCO/UNDP     


My experience at CDS has been rewarding both on an intellectual and personal level. It instills a culture of critical thinking and inquiry, and gives you knowhow of development practice. At CDS, all the teachers are very resourceful and supportive, and the overall environment is intellectually stimulating. Apart from enriching skills and knowledge, there is strong bonding between your classmates and teachers that connects you for life. I would have never achieved what I have now without CDS. I highly recommend CDS not only as an academic institution but a space that helps you identify your potential and grow at your best.  


Gopal Hari Pokhrel

Batch 7, 2012 to 2013

Training Director, Leprosy Mission


I am proud to be a student of CDS that enriched practically my knowledge in age of 50 and, understood the importance of human life in different dimensions; made me capable to link development with down trodden groups where I am using this skill to develop in leprosy affected people to bring them in main stream of society.


Sadikha Guragain

Batch 8, 2013-2014



Master in Development Studies at the College of Development Studies for me has been a foundation for innovation, creativity and collaboration that helped me in grooming work and become a proficient development professional. With aMDevS degree at hand showed the options are limitless. It prepared me to realize the right time to get in gear and achieve my goals just like me who was inspiring to join ICIMOD upon MDevS from 2016.


Adarsh Thapa

Batch 10, 2015-2016

Associated with SWATEE


My first meeting with the chair of CDS made me realize that the gravity of his vision to empower Nepali youths with art of knowing and implementing things for social change was so immense that it grabbed me right away. I knew there was something genuine in this institution in my gut feeling. I was right. My thirst for learning to-the-point research skills was quenched and, I realized an added hunger in myself for deeper understanding into the light of epistemology. Writing papers, presenting in workshops, lectures and field visits were regular part of practicum that helped me with better command over contemporary and important development issues of today’s time. All this helped me greatly to succeed on job but more importantly, in making better decisions in every phase of life.




Jay Lal Neupane

Batch 11, 2016-2017


My experience says, the inquisitive minds get sharpened through research skills transferred by knowledgeable faculties who have leading role in the development sector. Having access to such eminent academicians and the precursors of the development sector is another opportunity to emerging development workers like me and to them who aspire to make development sector as career.




Meena Poudel, PhD

Visiting Faculty GESI

Currently: IOM


CDS is incomparable institution that produces critical development professionals in Nepal.


Anita Ghimire, PhD

Course Co-ordinator, Migration, Gender and Social Inclusion


The faculties are senior professionals in the development world, who have a passion for teaching in every sense of the word and a dedication for creating a mass of youths who are change agents for tomorrow. With such an environment, the college has succeeded in its aim to develop an independent development professional, availing the opportunities to explore oneself and get involved in local government – its line agencies, multi and bilateral agencies; a need that has become more prominent now than ever before.


Devendra Gauchan, PhD

Visiting Faculty

Land, Agriculture and Food Security


The syllabus and methods of delivery at CDS are such that it provides the students adequate knowledge, skills and understanding to develop their professional career in national and international development issues; similar to that of my learning abroad.


Nara Hari Dhakal, PhD

Faculty, Micro Finance


In cognizance to context and realities of the failure of development projects and low spending capital expenditures, MDevS program of College of Development Studies, has solely been committed to develop and fulfill the demand for skilled human resources on identification, planning, preparation, appraisal, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of projects. Graduates have proven themselves competent to meet the diverse needs for the pro-poor growth and development in Nepal while ensuring the optimal use of the scare resources for the intended purposes.