Published Date : 2021-03-30

Faculties have rich local, regional and international exposures in their respective fields of expertise. Faculty research with over a dozen educational institutes and firms provides exceptional exposure, learning and networking. They draw on the useful elements of sociology, economics, management science, political sciences and public policy, agrarian studies, and engage students in an interdisciplinary approach to analysis and learning.


Bharat Shrestha, PhD

Poverty and Livelihoods,

Applied Research

Pitamber Chhetri, PhD

Economic Policy Analysis

Dinesh Bhuju, PhD

SDG, Climate Change

RamjiNeupane, PhD

Conflict and Peace Studies

Narahari Dhakal, PhD

Development Economics, Micro Finance

DevendraGauchan, PhD

Land and Agrarian Studies

MeenaPoudel, PhD

Gender Issues

HariNeupane, PhD

Development Project Design

Dilli Bahadur KC, PhD

Research Methods, Project Analysis

Bishnu Sharma, PhD

Macro Policy Analysis

Chandra D Bhatta, PhD

SDG, South Asian Studies

Hari Pandey, MS

Development Economics

GopalShrestha, PhD

Management – Projects and Programs

HemantOjha, PhD

Environmental Governance

Soni Pradhan, MS

Gender and Development

NetraTimsina, PhD

Public  Policy

Bala Ram Kandel, MS

Natural Resources

Rudra B Shrestha, PhD

Development Economics

Naya Sharma, PhD

Climate Change

Seema Rajouria

Human Rights and Peace

Anita Ghimire, PhD

GESI, Migration Issues

Prakash Shrestha, MS

Institutional Development

RasilaDesar, PhD

Forest and Development

Ram Devi Tachamu, PhD