Where is CDS located?

CDS is located at Old Baneshwor, about 2 Old Baneshwor  Chowk. To see location, click here.

What are CDS's mailing and contact addresses?

The CDS’s mailing address is:
GPO Box 2708

To contact us by phone or fax:
Tel: +977-1-4471130
Fax: +977-1-4478945

Email: cdsnepal@mail.com.np 
Office Hours: Sunday to Friday 6.30 am to 2:00 pm

What is CDS’s mission statement?

The CDS has been established to impart high-quality university-level education in the social sciences and humanities in Nepal. It is hoped that training graduate-level students in analytical skills and enabling them with the intellectual capabilities to participate in socio-political discourses in an informed manner will contribute to the country’s long-term effort to bring about more equitable and desirable social changes and establish a more open and democratic society.

In order to realise this ideal, CDS aims at developing into a centre dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, research, publishing, critical thinking and informed discussions on issues relevant to Nepal and the region.


What courses are offered at CDS?

For the first two years, CDS will offer the 9-month Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences. It is a 2-semester course equivalent to one year of university education.

What are the main objectives of the Diploma programme? What are the courses offered?

The main objective of the Diploma programme is to provide students with a strong theoretical and analytical foundation for their subsequent enrolment in university-run Master’s programs in the social sciences. Students not intending to pursue further studies will graduate with intellectual abilities in the social sciences as well as core university-level academic reading and writing skills in English.

Am I eligible to apply to the Diploma programme? What kind of background is required?

Individuals with at least a 3-year Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university in any discipline, in the first or higher second division, can apply. Because all aspects of pedagogy are carried out in English, applicants are expected to have a reasonable command of the language.

How do I apply to the Diploma programme?

Detailed information on the application process for the 2011 batch will be released at the end of September. When the applications are called, download and fill out the application form from the CDS website and submit it along with the documents mentioned in the instructions.

Is financial aid available?

A limited number of need-based financial aid awards, in the form of partial or full scholarships (tuition fee waivers) as well as partial stipends (living expenses), are available to meritorious students belonging to minority and disadvantaged social/economic groups

Applicants eligible for financial aid should fill out the financial aid form.

Does CDS have distant learning and part-time admissions?

The MDevS programme requires full-time enrolment. CDS does not have any distant-learning or part-time courses.

Does CDS have residential facilities?

CDS students are requested to make their own living arrangements. Currently, CDS does not run any residential facilities for its students or its faculty and staff.

What is the fee structure for the MDevS programme?

CDS has a modest lending library for its students. Students are also encouraged to exploit the more extensive social science reference library run by CDS at Old Baneshwor.

When is the application deadline? When do classes start? When do students graduate?

Currently, CDS does not have any policy of allowing non-students/faculty to borrow from its library.

Is the MDevS recognized by other universities?

The MDevS is affiliated with Purbanchal University. The academic regime of the MDevS has been highly considered for its worth by reputed universities abroad when students apply to programmes at the MS or higher levels.

What is the fee structure for the MDevS programme?

The fee for one semester is Rs ……………..

When is the application deadline? When do classes start? When do students graduate?

Admissions for 2010 are closed. Classes began on Monday, 12 April. Graduation day for the current batch is scheduled for the end of December, 2010.

Detailed information on the application process for the 2011 batch will be released at the end of September.

Please check the CDS for details.

What is the expected size of each class?

The total number of students enrolled in each batch will not exceed thirty (30).