Rules and Regulations for the Library

When undertaking the library facilities the students needs to observe the following regulations concerning the use of the library very strictly.

  • The loan period of the book is for 15 days. The loan period may be extended provided there is no demand for the book from the other students. The period can be extended upon contacting the librarian in written and with persons.
  • A fine of Rs.3 per day will be levied on all library material, which if not returned with in the stipulated period. Fines must be paid immediately. Until then borrowing rights will be suspended.
  • If after 15 days of the expiry date, the book has not been returned, the member will forfeit membership of the library. In such a case the library reserves the right to claim the purchase price of the books from the borrower. This amount is under no circumstances refundable.
  • Books on loan are under no circumstances transferable. Every library user is responsible for the return of library material he/she borrowed.