Research & Training Opportunities

The CDS programs fundamentally focuses on research and training. Research basically enhances the students’ capacity to present their quality of knowledge coherently in competitive research based market. With the enhanced research and training capacity, they would be able to explore the funding for Thesis Research in line with the CDS support. This will provide ample opportunity to the studnets to find a huge platform for higher studies and to generate the job independently.

The CDS regularly conducts training activities on:

  • Project Preparation and Design
  • Community and Institutional Development
  • Project Evaluation and Analysis
  • Monitoring, Poverty and Livelihood
  • Civil Society
  • Reconstruction and Development etc.

The workshop activities that the college is on progress in organizing the events on the issues and challenges on poverty reduction efforts under PAF activities through the partner organizations. The research studies on progress are on Land Issues, Assesment of Poverty and Livelihood, Baseline Evaluation Studies on Socio-economic, RWSS, Commercial Pressure on Agriculture Land etc.