Gunjan Dallakoti

Enterprise Development Expert
International Labour Organization, Lusaka

I met the professor in his neat & clean and well-managed office when I approached CDS for my masters. I was expecting the professor to discuss so many things including job prospectus and career success, the profile of the professors and so on, however, to my surprise Professor Dr. Bharat simply said, “We facilitate you to identify your true-self and become able to identify your potential as a human being”. It is the very word that inspired me to enroll in the class.

The class was another surprise to me. I learned to review journal articles in the class for the first time. All classes were equipped with the A/V system and teachers were the professionals from the diverse field. Classes were interactive. We were required to write a lot and reflect on what we learned during the lectures. My reading habit increased manifold with the passage of time and I started seeing things differently.I believe that it is the same training, culture and motivation I got in the college that is inspiring me throughout my career path including in my job, family and social life. I am committed to becoming a good human being and dedicate myself to the benefit of wider humanity. Once again very grateful to my beloved college which people hardly think exists in Nepal.A proud Alumni of CDS


Sangita Thapa

CDS 6th Batch, 2011-2013 Consultant,

My experience at CDS has been rewarding both on an intellectual and personal level. It instills a culture of critical thinking and inquiry, and gives you knowhow of development practice. At CDS, all the teachers are very resourceful and supportive, and the overall environment is intellectually stimulating. Apart from enriching skills and knowledge, there is strong bonding between your classmates and teachers that connects you for life. I would have never achieved what I have now without CDS. I highly recommend CDS not only as an academic institution but a space that helps you identify your potential and grow at your best.


SadikhaGuragain Nepal


Master in Development Studies at the College of Development Studies for me has been a foundation for innovation, creativity and collaboration that helped me in grooming work and become a proficient development professional. With aMDevS degree at hand showed the options are limitless. It prepared me to realize the right time to get in gear and achieve my goals just like me who was inspiring to join ICIMOD upon MDevS from 2016.


Shanti Rai

Batch 11, 2016-2017

I have realized that the mark of higher education isn't the knowledge accumulated in our head. It’s the skills we gain about how to learn. This wouldn't have been possible without dedicated leader and guardian- Bharat sir who have a greater role in my life during learning days. His experiences; nature of acceptance and his sharing have always inspired me on setting critical goals and to have patience to achieve them all. Because of him, I have built my belief that hard works pay off.


Sandesh Silpakar,

MDevS (2006-2007)

Master in Development Studies has enriched me with the leadership capacity that I always desired. I had always wanted to become a development professional and work for the betterment of society. But previous degrees did not give the necessary skills and capabilities needed to work in this highly competitive field and that includes a lot of effort.

This course not only made me capable of handling development projects but also made me an independent researcher able to identify problems and delve into possible causes and reasons with potential recommendations. Overall, Master in Development Studies has sprouted within me a leader who can deal with and handle the complications of human and social development.


Dinesh Khanal,

MDevS (2006-2007)

I am currently working at Forum-Asia in Bangkok, a regional human rights organization and consultative status with ECOSOC. My primary responsibility here is to establish good Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation system. Knowledge gained from Masters in Development Studies from College of Development Studies fully supported me to my work.

I have never been so confident in my life before. Even though my previous degree is Bachelor in Development Studies which oriented me about working in the field of development, I still had lots of shortcomings to work in this field. Already employed in INSEC (Informal sector Services Centre), I had always felt inadequate in terms of knowledge which resulted in limited confidence to expand my horizons at work. However, this all ended when I joined Masters in Development Studies course at College of Development Studies (CDS). I built my confidence not just through obtaining a degree but through the process of education during the study for the degree.

Masters in Development Studies has not only empowered me, but it also has provided me with sufficient knowledge about tools needed for research and project planning, analysis, implementation and management. In addition, this course has increased my perception of viewing things differently and critically in the world of development. It has provided me with ability to speak in front of high level officials about the issues in development and discuss about it by appropriately analyzing them. It has also enhanced my level of understanding in research methodology, capacitating me in conducting research individually. Also, I have acquired ability to plan and manage projects independently.

I have sufficiently increased my profile with study of this course which has put me in a position where I can compete with others more efficiently and effectively. I have recently been promoted in INSEC to a senior level Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation officer. All in all, with practical methods of teaching accompanied by theoretical and on-the-field experience during study, this course has prepared me for all the battles to fight regarding career in development whether it be through independent work or through an organization. Currently, I am in Bankok working with Forum - Asia.