Dear Students,

Is this course suitable for you? Yes, if you are looking for professional career as a development professional. And this could mean a wide variety of jobs - from local development planner, NGO manager, public administrator, policy analysts, political activists, to project managers and development consultants.

The MDevS offered by CDS could be the best way to go if you are not comfortable with traditional disciplinary courses that offer only partial view of the development studies and you are interested in linking theoretical perspectives, comparative international experience and history to understand the current development challenges of Nepal and the region.But remember CDS demand one thing special from you; your commitment to learn new ideas and de-learn some of the old ones that block your achievement.

On behalf of CDS, I place heartily welcome to you all who i anticipate have planned to join for the training on development studies with eventual dream of serving the nation by serving themselves.

Bharat Shrestha,PhD



I am happy to share that my son is currently pursuing MDevS at College of Development Studies and, I am fully satisfied with his studies. Both as parent and advisor, I found MDevS curriculum and teaching methods extremely relevant to the current of developing countries like Nepal. So far i have gone through the curriculum of MDevS, it is an interdisciplinary, highly academic blended with research, trainings and field based case. The degree on development studies provides both theoretical insights and skills that help to harness the opportunities to develop oneself as a skilled professional. It is found to have proved that the CDS students have been able to obtain the jobs and working at government, local government, international organizations, I/NGOs, banks, financial institutions, business enterprises as experts, managers, planners and development consultants.

Khagendra Ojha, PhD

CEO of Global College of Management